Tutorials are a great way to you set up your HouseCleaning360.com business listing fan page. In order for these tutorials to make sense, we’ve started at the beginning.

You don’t have to have any previous experience in business citations. We’ll show you step-by-step in these go-at-your-own-pace tutorials how to get started. We’ll show you how to maximize your listing for the most exposure. This will help you get more leads for your business as well as more ratings and reviews.

It’s here #HC360 Tips and Tricks to help you get more leads with HouseCleaning360.com

We’ve had several calls at the HC360 headquarters about people setting up their business listings and what they should include getting more leads.

And after helping gobs of people one-on-one we’ve decided to create a tips program that starts at ground zero and builds it’s way up.

This program assumes you’re a newbie. Jump in and follow along. Ask questions and get involved. We’re going to build our listings as a group.

This Tutorial: How to Take Your Best Profile Picture

Here is our first assignment: Create a clean, clear profile picture of yourself. This picture is the first of your six photos for your online press kit. You’ll need this picture for your Gravatar on HouseCleaning360.com


ASSIGNMENT: Take a Professional Looking Selfie

Headshots, Profile Pics, Gravatar Photos, Savvy Cleaner

This Tutorial: How to Edit Your Profile Pic with PicMonkey.

Now that you’ve created a profile picture you’ll be editing it as a square and as a round PNG. Once complete we will use this profile pic for social media and your profile listing on HouseCleaning360.com


ASSIGNMENT: Edit your profile picture or selfie

Headshots, Profile Pics, PicMonkey Editing Tutorial

This Tutorial: How to Create Your Gravatar for HouseCleaning360

Your Gravatar is the SEO magnet that allows you to link your profile picture to all of your social media, and your website along with a business description. This Gravatar follows you around the internet connecting the dots of your marketing efforts.

HouseCleaning360.com uses Gravatar to verify you as the business owner so customers leaving ratings and reviews know at a glance it’s you.

ASSIGNMENT: Create your Gravatar using your edited profile pic.

Gravatar Header Gravatar Tutorial, Savvy Cleaner

This Tutorial: KEYWORDS – How People Find You on HouseCleaning360

How do you get more leads for your business? You add the keywords people use to find you in your listing.

On your desktop you now have a folder called HouseCleaning360.com and you’ll save today’s assignment in the Text Docs. You can use any notepad editor to create your keywords list.

Spend time on this one. You will use these 25 keywords for the remainder of your business and you will use them in all your branding.

Google Banner Bar Keywords Tutorial