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3961 E CHANDLER BLVDSUITE 111-151Phoenix 85048

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It's Not Clean – Until it's SwedeClean! We have been cleaning carpets, tile and upholstery and much more since 1990. Nowadays we cover what is considered the East Valley of Phoenix. Back when we started we covered all of Phoenix but since then it has just grown too much and travel time makes it hard to serve the whole city.


3961 E CHANDLER BLVDSUITE 111-151Phoenix 85048



Anders Berg 2 Reviews
No training. No result. Training gives result. Result gives experience. Experience matters.

Savvy Cleaner Training and Angela Brown helps cleaning service people working and learning from each other which is better than doing it alone.

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Anders Berg 2 Reviews
Great Job. Great Service.

It is great when you can have the house cleaned and also get the carpets done at the same time. Now that is service. And the feel entering the house is almost priceless.

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