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Meet The Savvy Cleaner / HouseCleaning360 Team

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I Need a Recommendation

Who do you know that you like and trust that does amazing work?

As a house cleaner, I am in customers homes weekly. My clients are like family. And they ask me all the time for recommendations for carpet cleaners, landscapers, house painters, professional organizers, and independent distributors who sell essential oils and cleaning products.

Because they trust my opinions I take extra care to share referrals of service providers that I know, like and trust. Service providers that will make me look good for referring them. And service providers I know will take excellent care of my clients.
Up until now, my referral system has been in my smartphone. ``Sure, I know a guy, his name is Paul. Hang on a second, I'll look up his number...`` Clunky at best though my information was sound.

Welcome technology where now you can access my entire database of Pauls at your fingertips. No more texting me to remind you of the name of the guy that does tree removal. He's right here in HouseCleaning360. Your 360 view of a cleaner home.